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Child Rights

Help For Child Visitation Rights

Difference between Visitation and Custody of minor child between warring parents. Although the non-custodial parent is responsible for the care of the child during visits, visitation differs from custody because non-custodial parent and child do not live together as a family unit.

Being denied visitation is a painful experience, whether you’re being shut out by the courts or your ex. Before you can decide what to do next, you need to understand first why you’re being denied visitation and what your options are from here on out.
Many parents worry that falling behind on child support could be grounds for losing child custody or visitation. However, the courts generally view custody and child support as two entirely different matters.

We can’t discuss the issue of one parent denying visitation to another without addressing parental alienation syndrome. This is a pattern of not only denying contact but also negatively influencing the child’s perception of the parent.